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Tony Fadell and Mitsui Kinzoku back ‘holy grail’ silicon battery startup Advano

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Jeremy Horwitz
January 28, 2020

Originally posted on
Venture Beat

While plenty of engineers have ideas to improve rechargeable batteries, relatively few of the new concepts are ready for mass production. Now Japanese battery materials giant Mitsui Kinzoku and “father of the iPod” Tony Fadell are among the big names backing Advano, a New Orleans-based startup that plans to dramatically improve lithium-ion battery performance by using silicon rather than graphite to store energy.

Advano’s innovation, A-SiFx, will use silicon waste produced during solar panel or semiconductor manufacturing to sustainably produce enough material to integrate or fully replace graphite in batteries, avoiding the need for what would otherwise be an environmentally toxic silicon manufacturing process. Since silicon can store 10 times the energy of graphite, a silicon battery can be smaller and less expensive than a graphite one, or deliver multiples of current performance at the same size.

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